Gourmet week in Tuscany Italie from July 16th 2016

The Maremma, a region with a Tuscany atmosphere but still with a sauvage uncontaminated nature and one of the most amazing coasts in Italy as Argentario promontory and Punta Ala.

At dawn, when the ALBEGNA hills begin to pale, The Maremma seems like a borderland, magical and wild, with its tribal rituals and the buried treasures of the ancient civilisations that settled here.

The Maremma, the area’s taverns, town festivals, small inns and renowed restaurants, hunters and mushrooms gatherers. Sample freshy baked schiacce and migliacce from Pitigliano with sugar and ricotta, Maremma is the kingdom of mushrooms, the main ingredient in many tasty dishes. Then come tagliatelle and the Maremma tortello, square, yellow from fresh egg noodles, scented with spinach and nutmeg, ricotta and grated cheese, both ones served with the most popular animal among hunters of the Maremma: the wild boar, longly cooked in a sauce of onions, carrots and celery. Either in skin casing (salami, sausages, ham) or cooked, it features in many dishes.

You can also try it with ciaffagnoni from Manciano, a sort of layered crepe with meat and béchamel. Coming to Scansano, the land of Morellino wine, where it has become all but impossible to find someone who knows how to prepare a very special old recipe: snalls stewed with tomatoes, formerly always served at grape festivals in this area. Or during its spring festival of local fruit and vegetables, especially artichokes and “baccelli” (fave beans) as well as wild herbs used to season game dishes, baccelli with pecorino, (PDO protected denomination of origin cheese) produced by sheep goat in strict accordance with the tradition. Then come the acquacotta, literally means cooked water, a soup dated from Etruscan, but more specifically from tradition of the Maremma farmers, a simple mix of fresh ingredients that has been changed through centuries with water, onions, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, celery, carrot, toasted homemade bread, grated pecorino cheese and eggs.


DAY 1 Arrival in The ARGILLOSA | Wine tasting at the Argillosa cellar and dinner

DAY 2 Forest Walking / Cooking lessons maremmana

Your morning will start as always with a delicious Italian breakfast, after which you go for a walk from the Argillosa through the enchanting forest passing on the hills overlooking the valley to the Gulf of Talamone.

After this short walk , you will take part to your first hands-on cooking class, explore the basic ingredients of the Maremma cuisine. You will create a delicious aperitif known in the region, the chicken liver sauce, a main course based on PICI, homemade pasta with only flour, water and flavor and a delicious dessert. The theme of this course is cooking meals in house, recipes and techniques you will be able to implement in your home. We will cook and eat all in a traditional Maremma style slowly and in good company!

DAY 3 demonstrations and wine tastings | Saturnia Spa

After breakfast, you will be lead to your first demonstration and wine tasting in the vineyards within walking distance: the Chimera of Albegna, a sprawling family estate of over thirty hectares, producing sophisticated wines such as IGT Maremma Toscana appointed and exciting super Tuscans. The winery embraces the Sangiovese grape as a building block of most of their wines, with the inclusion of Italian varieties such as Canaiolo and Ciliegiolo wines, as well as non-Italians as Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah, to create the unique character and soul of each wine.

In the afternoon you can enjoy a thermal bath experience in a very special natural site Cascades Mill, near an old mill and the Cascades Gorello, with water springs at a temperature of 37 ° C. In 2014 the baths of Saturnia were proclaimed by CNN as the best spa in the world in the ranking of 20 "relaxing retreats." This is an invitation to try the famous therapeutic properties of water, able to offer relaxation and well-being just by submerging.

Day 4 A visit to Manciano and your second cooking class in LA FILANDA

After your Tuscan breakfast, you can go to Manciano, for a walking tour of this cozy village located uphill, where you can enjoy breathtaking views from the garden of the Belvedere, overlooking the valley until Albegna river and the Argentario coast. Then, within a walking distance, you will reach LA FILANDA the restaurant - cooking school, where the decorated chef Barbara Canners will teach you in a romantic atmosphere, how the Tuscan tradition can reach the modern gourmet Italian taste. You specialize in a monographic section of Tuscan Maremma haute cuisine.

DAY 5 day excursion to Scansano, visit the oil mill and wine tasting Roccapesta.

After breakfast, you leave for a visit to an olive press, learn sample techniques on how to produce a variety of olive oils. You will walk through the olive grove, learn how olives are picked and how they are processed to obtain the extra pressure oil cold virgin olive. After a delicious taste of olive oil (strictly on a Tuscan non salty bread) you will reach Scansano, a former village uphill, first settled by Etruscans and Romans, as evidenced by the archaeological site of Ghiaccioforte, then dominated by the Aldobrandeschi Lords, who built a castle, Petreto, now used as a convent, overlooking the city. Today Scansano is famous for the great success of its red wine of terroir, Morello, each year in September, the event "Morellino DOC"takes place here.

After spending some time through the small historical center of Scansano, there will be your second visit to a vineyard for a wine tasting in Roccapesta, a vineyard in Morellino red wine terroir, a winery that produces elegant red wines of character, over twenty selected clones of Sangiovese growth.

DAY 6 Relaxin and stroll by the pool at L'Argillosa - or possibility to drive to Orbetello on separate quote

- then your farewell dinner under the stars of the Maremma.

Orbetello town covering the tongue of land on the lagoon, created over time by the dunes of the Feniglia and Giannella, a dam built in the early 19th century through the middle of the lagoon connecting Orbetello to the promontory of Argentario. Is the urban layout of a former military camp, but is also rich in medieval and baroque elements.

You can enjoy the city with its many shops and trattorias and lunch or decide to go for a walk or rent a bike on the outer sides of the small town, which provides you the best view of the picturesque town and its beautiful monuments, especially with windmills submerged in the lagoon. Back at home, you will have your farewell dinner under the stars.

DAY 7 After breakfast, some hours of relaxation for a last view of the beautiful hills of this magical and wild land: the Maremma.

Our package includes:

6 nights night at The Argillosa

Italian breakfast each morning

wine included at each meal/cooking class/demonstration

2 cooking class with recipes

3 tastings and demonstrations of wine

1 tastings and demonstrations of olive oil

2 gastronomique dinners

Price per person

(based on 4 participants)

€ 690 per person without transfer services

€ 920 per person with RT transfer services to Rome airport and to all excursions